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This site contained multiple problems that precluded the use of standard foundations techniques including its urban setting and constrained size, adjacent tenement structure, and historic bridge abutment, an adjacent river and sheet pile retaining anchors at depth.

Terrenus resolved the foundation problems at the site by an innovative use of cement bound granular material (CBGM) to avoid impact on the adjacent tenement and bridge and reformed engineered fill to retain all loads above the underlying tie bars.

The work was successfully completed at a cost below all other foundation solutions and to the satisfaction of the client and the Local Authority Building Control.


A new motorway junction is being constructed on soft Clyde Alluvium deposits. The settlement of the proposed ramps and related approach roads was a concern with considerable rigor being required by Transport Scotland for the design of the process and analysis of results.

Settlement analysis was carried out by Terrenus using computer modelling. Monitoring of settlement used innovative Shape Accel Arrays comprising a linear arrangement of nodes at one metre intervals and connected to a transmitter. Such a system allowed ‘real-time’ monitoring of settlement to be carried out to an exemplary standard.


Following the failure of the southern slope at this complex site it was observed that a main building block was structurally compromised and, as a result, all further construction work was halted on site.

Terrenus was asked to carry out forensic investigations to examine the slope failure mechanism and likely extent of the remedial works required. It was intended that these works would lead to remedial proposals for the slope.

Shored trial trenches allowed manned entry and detailed geological logging together with boreholes to recover undisturbed soil samples and the placement of strategic piezometers allowed a full analysis to be undertaken and appropriate mitigation measures to be employed. The site was successfully redeveloped.


Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway

In order to protect the local community from flooding Terrenus was commissioned by the Council and Scottish Hydros to assess and computer model the risk of flooding from the River Dee to the Carlingwark Loch.

The local hydrology is complex involving a managed hydroelectric scheme, historic quarrying and drainage channels and a pumped drainage system. The computer model comprises an integrated 1D open channel and 2D flood plane analysis using local LiDAR information and truthed using drone information taken during a peak storm event.

Stranraer Harbour

The historic connection between Stranraer and its waterfront is to be renewed by the Council and as part of the Masterplan, Terrenus was commissioned to develop a computer model of the coastal waters of Loch Ryan.

This model utilised historic flood data, gauging station information, available bathymetric datasets and statistical wave analysis to provide a robust framework for the development of the entire waterfront.


In order to facilitate development of the historic area along the River Teviot in Hawick Terrenus has built, linked and extended a number of hydraulic models of the watercourse. This model considers the impact of the proposed flood protection scheme and has allowed suitable development to be undertaken in the area.

Contaminated land

North Lanarkshire

The analysis of former landfill sites in order to facilitate future development is complex. This site has the additional difficulty of a local watercourse and the historic landfill being unregulated. Suitable monitoring systems have been put in place in order to allow land development works to be undertaken.

Contaminated land risk assessments

From Dumfries and Galloway to Moray and form Lothian to Ayrshire Terrenus has undertaken Stage 1 (Desk Study) and Stage 2 (intrusive) investigations for contaminated land purposes. Such investigations provide detailed analysis against chosen assessment criteria and result in a robust Conceptual Site Model for use in the design process. Terrenus managers all site works and provide the final interpretative report for the site.

Protecting Properties from Gas Migration

Throughout Scotland Terrenus has undertaken land remedial consultancy work and Close Out reporting including the assessment and approval of gas protection measures. This work facilitates development and is undertaken in a timely and cost effective manner.

Assessment of Soils for Water Supply Pipes

As well as undertaking details contaminated land risk assessments Terrenus covers the necessary investigations required for the design of water supply pipes to the UKWIR standard. We have carried out such work throughout Scotland.

Braehead, Glasgow

This is a site with a complex history involving a variety of site uses that result in geo-chemical and geo-technical liabilities including weapons manufacturing, electrical power generation, food processing, ship repair and finishing and road and railway depots and sidings.

Terrenus were appointed to carry out a geo-technical / environmental investigations comprising cable tool percussion and rotary boreholes, cone penetration testing, machine excavated trial pits, borehole installation monitoring and the laboratory analysis of soil samples.

Following the site investigations detailed recommendations relating to earthworks, foundation design and road pavements were made. Subsequently and throughout the implementation phase Terrenus were retained to provide advice and technical overview of the foundation design.


Coal Mining Risk Assessments

Coal Mining Risk Assessments (CMRA) are carried out throughout Scotland. Mining is a legacy in many parts of the country and, prior to undertaking intrusive works a desk top investigation in recommended. Such an investigation will include in-house data as well as a review of the available mine abandonment plans.

Mine and Shaft Stabilisation

Recently, Terrenus has undertaken mine stabilisation in Lanarkshire comprising rotary drilling and grouting works to allow residential development to proceed. In addition, Terrenus has undertaken desk top and intrusive investigation for mine shafts including required remedial measures to allow the development to progress.