Terrenus has news for the New Year, we welcome Douglas Aitken as a Director of the Company.

Douglas has a long association with Terrenus joining us in the late Summer of 2002 as a graduate and working through the ranks as a geo-environmental engineer as well as developing as a specialist in flooding and hydraulic modelling. Douglas stayed with the company until the financial crash of 2008 when he left to continue his career in Australia.

Having gained additional skills and experience in Australia, Douglas re-joined Terrenus in 2015 as an Associate Director where he has developed the company’s capacity and competence in 2D hydraulic modelling. As a result of Douglas’s work the company now has a very strong reputation in flood risk assessment, ranging from small watercourses to catchment wide analysis using state of the art techniques for data capture, interpretation, analysis, and reporting.

In January of this year Terrenus is proud to see Douglas become a full Director of the Company with special responsibility for water matters. The Company is looking forward to serving our many clients over the coming years and to the continued growth and success of Terrenus.


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How we develop land is in the process of change – from coping with new legislation to sustainability issues and from changes in the planning process to funding matters, land development is bound by risk, complexity and cost.

As a specialist consultancy, Terrenus Land & Water reduces the risk, cuts through the complexity and curbs the project costs associated with land development.